Cardiac Oncology

Cardio-oncology is an emerging field that takes a team-based approach with cardiologists, oncologists, and hematologists working together for the prevention, early detection, and management of cardiovascular disease in cancer patients throughout all stages of cancer therapy and in the survivorship period. The field is rapidly growing due to the recognition that many agents that are effective cancer therapies leave survivors at heightened risk for cardiovascular disease.

Initial Evaluation

A baseline Work –up including medical history, clinical examination, laboratory tests, an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram with speckle tracking should precede potential cardiotoxicity on the basis of the baseline patient characteristics.

 Factors predisposing to cardiac adverse events include the previous diagnosis of structural heart disease,  presence of the traditional cardiovascular risk factors, previous or future exposure of cardiotoxic therapy and older age. 

Imaging and Monitoring for systolic Dysfunction

At Present, the most commonly used parameter for the evaluation of the systolic function is the EF. However, intra-observer and inter-observer variability for 2D EF measurements using the Simpsons biplane method is not negligible. In addition, small but significant EF changes might be missed by 2D but usually not by the 3D echo. Obstacles Such as poor image quality resulting from rapid heart rate increased cardiac translocation and respiratory interference might be overcome with intravenous contrast infusion. 

·        Echocardiography

·        Echo strain imaging

·        Cardiac biomarkers

·        Cardiac MRI

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Cardiologists and cardiovascular advanced team members, cardiovascular clinical care members, cardio-oncology specialist, Academicians, Medical Colleges, students.

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