Cardiac Remodeling

The most common studies used to measure remodeling are:


·         MRI.

These tests are non-invasive and do not expose the patient to radiation, so they can be repeated as often as necessary.

Beta-blockers tend to reduce the force of contraction of cardiac muscle, and for this reason, for a long time, it was thought these drugs ought to be absolutely avoided in anyone with heart failure. But beta-blockers also improve the geometry of the left ventricle, and in patients with heart failure it turns out that these drugs reliably increase the LVEF, improve symptoms, and prolong survival.

The best treatments for heart failure appear to be those that reduce or reverse ventricular remodeling. The therapies below can help and improve cardiac remodeling:

·         beta-blockers

·         ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers

·         hydralazine plus nitrates

·         aldosterone inhibition with spironolactone and 

·         Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy


·      When the left ventricle is damaged _by a Myocardial infraction or cardiomyopathy_ changes often occur in the size and shape of the ventricle. The ventricle tends to become enlarged, its general shape becomes more globular and less elliptical, and the muscular wall of the ventricle often becomes thinner. This remodeling occurs due to mechanical stress on the heart muscle produced by the underlying disease process.

·         In the early stages of a heart attack, some degree of remodeling can help the ventricle compensates for the damage that has occurred. But if this initial remodeling process continues, and the changes in the size and shape of the ventricle becomes more exaggerated, cardiac function deteriorates and heart failure ensues.

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