Cardiac Toxicity

cardiotoxicity as one or more of the following, reduction of LVEF, either global or specific in the interventricular septum symptoms or signs associated with heart failure reduction in LVEF from baseline ≤ to 5% to <55% in the presence of signs or symptoms of HF, or a reduction in LVEF ≥10% to <55% without signs or symptoms of HF. Cardiac dysfunction associated with chemotherapy in breast cancer can be acute, sub-acute or chronic side effects. Acute or sub-acute cardiotoxicity develops any time from the initiation of treatment up to 2 weeks after the completion of therapy and it can be characterized by a different type of arrhythmias, abnormalities in ventricular repolarization and QT intervals, acute coronary syndromes, or pericardial reaction and alteration in myocardial function. Chronic cardiotoxicity refers to the side effects that can appear within 1 year after the completion of the treatment – early cardiotoxicity, or more than 1 year after the chemotherapy – late cardiotoxicity. Since the most typical sign of chronic cardiotoxicity is a subclinical, asymptomatic systolic or diastolic cardiac dysfunction that can lead to irreversible heart failure and even death, the ideal definition of cardiotoxicity is lacking, and therefore intensive analysis of cardiotoxicity should be performed.

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Academicians, Cardiologists, oncologists, internists, and pediatricians caring for patients with cancer who have cardiovascular risk factors, cardio-oncology researchers. Scientists, Researchers, Cardiologists, Organizations, Laboratory members and young researchers working in the field of Cardiology & Heart treatment, Cardiac professionals.

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