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The definition Was implication for epidemiology, disease monitoring, the content of registries, clinical research studies, clinical trials, quality assurance, economic analysis, medico-legal disputes and estimation of health-care cost. 58 million deaths globally cardiovascular disease 30%.This proportion is equal to that due to infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, of deaths (46%)  people under 70 years of age. 

This case study compared the costs, configurations of care and outcomes for selected Cardiology procedures and medical treatments relating to heart and major heart blood vessels. We DRGs to define the procedures and identify the data included in the scope of the case study. The interventional procedures we considered include defibrillator implantation and replacement, pacemaker implantation and replacement, and invasive cardiac investigative procedures. The medical treatments we considered were for selected circulatory disorders and chest pain. 

We considered patients who had pacemaker or defibrillator procedures separately from patients who did not as the procedures involved are different and are usually classified under the category of electrophysiology. For the Pacemaker/Defibrillator group, we had limited patient or cost data because many of these patients were treated as privately referred non-inpatients and are therefore not included in the Health Information Exchange (HIE) database.

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Cardiologists,  Anesthesiologists, Research Scholars, Nurse Practitioners, Electrophysiologists, Cardiology Physicians, Business Entrepreneurs, cardiovascular Doctors, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Healthcare professionals. Cardiovascular Scientists, Cardiovascular Researchers, Medical student, and Ph.D. fellows, Academicians, various Societies And Their Members, Pharmaceutical Devices Companies, Cardiology Hospitals, Associations, and Societies.

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