Women’s Cardiology

Cardiovascular disease is the most frequent cause of death in women in developed countries. CVD mortality in women already surpasses that caused by the next seven combined causes of death and also deaths caused by all the malignant neoplasms together. The staggering figure of the one death every minute is unforgettable, especially if we take into account that CVD can, to a great extent, be prevented. Most of the deaths are caused by coronary heart disease are often presents in its sudden form. Although death from ischemic heart disease has decreased in males, its incidence remains stable in women. Recent European data have confirmed that CVD is not only the leading cause of death in women in our socioeconomic setting, but also that its impact on total mortality is higher in women than in men.

The lower prevalence of coronary heart disease is in women has presented a continuous challenge regarding non-invasive diagnostic techniques due to the increasing numbers of false positives.  There is a time-lag of 10-15 years in premenopausal women in relation to the incidence of coronary disease compared to men, but it becomes similar for both sexes in the seventh decade of life. Thus, the presence of classical risk factors and typical symptoms is of great help in measuring risk.


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Academicians, Cardiologists, oncologists, internists, and pediatricians caring for patients with cancer who have cardiovascular risk factors, cardio-oncology researchers. Scientists, Researchers, Cardiologists, Organizations, Laboratory members and young researchers working in the field of Cardiology & Heart treatment, Cardiac professionals.

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